Moto Sport St-Césaire is a company specialised in the motorcycle industry since 1969.

Located in the city of Saint-Césaire, in the Montérégie region, this family-owned business was created by Mr Claude Généreux and Mrs Fabienne Poirier. Their son, Robert Généreux, took over the helm of the flagship, for which he’s been assuming responsibility for 30 years. To develop his projects, Mr Généreux relies on the valuable assistance of his wife, Mrs Yolande Alix. Moto Sport St-Césaire is a family saga, and above all, a story of filiation, as the organisation has now reached its third generation.

Robert Généreux, owner of Moto Sport St-Césaire, is a big racing enthusiast. As a Quebec motocross champion and Canadian Road Race champion in the 1970s, he has transmitted his energy and passion to his son Marc-Antoine, himself a Quebec motocross champion.

For almost 3 years now, Robert has also been relying on the contribution of his son-in-law, Kevin Lacombe, a famous Road Race driver on the Canadian circuit. Kevin has been putting his skills as an expert mechanic to work for the benefit of the company.